How Goodness Vanilla Reaches You

The quintessential flavour of Goodness Vanilla owes much to our caring and hardworking farmers and the all natural way of processing we follow.

Vanilla is one of the world's most labour intensive crops. The orchid flowers once a year over a period of approximately two months with large fragrant and waxy flowers. They usually open in the early morning and are receptive to pollination for about 6 hours. A single plant can produce any number of flowers; however, a single flower can produce only one bean.

Vanilla cultivation requires great care and attention, and our labour of love begins with the Vanilla plant. The flowers open only for one day and every flower is then hand pollinated. The ripe pods are then handpicked when they are 9 - 10 months old and are still green in colour. If they are picked too soon, the vanillin content and quality of the bean will be lower. If they are left on the vine too long, they will become over-ripe and split on the vine.

Different curing methods are used around the world, but the ultimate goal is to produce dark brown, blemish free, supple, aromatic pods. From flower to flavour, our pods are cured to perfection, bringing out the wonderful undertones & aroma of true Vanilla.

Fine Vanilla is a work of nature perfected through traditional processes. After harvest, the best scores of Vanilla Beans are carefully sorted and then cured by means of our own indigenously developed processing method. The beans are blanched, sweated, and dried under the sun over a period of weeks until they turn moist, dark-brown and wrinkled. They are then conditioned for months to bring out the rich aroma and flavour in the pods which are then processed into Extracts and Powders.

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